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Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the Medieval World, 2-Volume Set. Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire. Encyclopedia of the Palestinians, Third Edition. Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation, Revised Edition. Ken Albala. The text begins with a comprehensive theory of cuisine in the introduction and moves to the parallel culinary histories of Italy, Mexico, and China: the independent domestication of crops in each, the social, political, and technological developments that gave rise to each cuisine, and cooking in both professional and home settings. It also compares the internal logic of the cooking style and techniques in a way that will resonate with students.

The meat of the text compares and contrasts the three cuisines in chapters on grains and starches; vegetables; fruits and nuts; meat, poultry, and dairy products; fish and shellfish; fats and flavorings; and beverages.

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Readers are taken on a fascinating journey of discovery, where the background story of mis-transmission, adaptation, and evolution of cooking as it spreads around the globe with trade and immigration is revealed. Why is bread baked in the Mediterranean but more often steamed in the Far East?

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  • How are certain ingredients used in completely different ways by different cultures and why? Carroll Bridgewater State University. Christine C. Caruso Touro College of Health Sciences. Stephanie Cavagnaro Food Writer. Christina M. Ceisel Hamilton College. Tovar Cerulli University of Massachusetts Amherst. Chandola Gujarat Ayurved University.

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